FAQs Life Casting
1. What is it all about?
Taking hand and foot prints, called life casting. We use allergic free and skin safe materials to get 99% identical baby impressions.
2. Is there any age restrictions?
There is no age restrictions, our materials are safe enough for even 1 day old newborns!
3. Should my baby be here or we can do it from the photo?
Your child should be here, as we do life casting, we get the impression from the child only.
4. What is the difference between 2D and 3D impressions and how they are made?
2D impressions are prints of the surface of the palm or foot. It reflects only the front part, not sides and back of the hand/foot. We use special putty which we mix with a secret catalyst, getting a show like material. We then roll it on a plate and gently press the hand/foot on it. After an impression is taken, it takes 5-10 min for the mould to set and become hard, rubber-like mould. This mould is signed with an invoice number and sent to the workshop, where it is cast with plaster of paris! Once impressions are casted, they pass a polishing process, and painting.