FAQs Life Casting

1. What is it all about? Taking hand and foot prints, called life casting. We use allergic free and skin safe materials to get 99% identical baby impressions.

2. Is there any age restrictions? There is no age restrictions, our materials are safe enough for even 1 day old newborns!

3. Should my baby be here or we can do it from the photo? Your child should be here, as we do life casting, we get the impression form the child only.

4. What is the difference between 2D and 3D impressions and how they are made? 2D impressions are prints of the surface of the palm or foot. It reflects only the front part, not sides and back of the hand/foot. We use special putty which we mix with a secret catalyst, getting a dhow like material. We then roll it on a plate and gently press the hand/foot on it. After impression is taken, it takes 5-10 min for the mould to set and become hard, rubber-like mould. This mould is signed with an invoice number and sent to the work shop, where it is casted with plaster of paris! Once impressions are casted, they pass a polishing process, and painting.

5. When is the best age for making the 3D baby hand & foot casting? It is advisable to make the 3D baby hand & foot casts in the earlier months after birth as babies have definitive sleep pattern then. Impressions taken while the baby is fast asleep are very calm & beautiful as the baby offers no resistance to the process. However, if the sleep pattern is not predictable, then taking the impressions soon after the baby is fed or even during taking the feed is advised as the baby is engrossed in the feed & is usually very calm then. Hence planning the time of taking the impressions is crucial for the 3D baby hand & foot cast process.

6. What if child moves? For the 3D it is much trickier to get the impression, so kids older than 3 months, must be sleeping or being fed during the session.

7. What if child woke up and impressions got spoiled? Well here we can try maximum of one time, and if child still moves, we should repeat again, only after child is asleep. We offer home services for such cases.

8. What is the impression made of? Our standard impressions are made of Graphite Stone, but we also offer special impressions made of Brass, and coated in a white gold or 18k yellow gold! We also offer impressions engraved in a German Crystal.

9. What is Brass? Why it is so expensive? Brass is type of a precious metal. The reason for the impressions to be more expensive than regular ones, is that first of all Brass is much more expensive than Plaster of Paris, though much more durable. Moreover, to get the brass imprint, we first have to get the plaster impression, from which we recreate a silicon mould, which is also a very expensive process. After we got the silicon mould, we cast impression again, using same equipment we use for jewellery casting. It is a 9 step process that involves a lot of time to create every impression. Last, but not least, we cover each impression with 18K gold coating, which is also not a cheap process.

10. What is crystal impression? Why it is so expensive? Crystal Impression, or actually engraving of an impression inside the crystal, is a difficult and multi step process, which involves high end equipment. We first need to get an actual impression of a child, which will be casted in plaster of Paris, next, we will have to scan it, using an expensive 3D scanners. Once we got a digital file, we then pass it for laser engraving in a crystal block. Each crystal block is imported from Germany, and represents the highest standard and quality in crystal ware.

11. Do you offer custom framing or frames are all standard? We offer a wide selection of frames, to let our clients create absolutely unique keepsake!

12. Can we customise text on the name plate? Yes, we can type any text that fits to 6x2,5 cm metal plate.

13. Can I gift the service to my friends? Yes we do provide beautiful gift certificates, with a ribbon, which makes your gift even more presentable and meaningful. You can grant either entire service, or a certain amount.

14. Delivery time period? We take 2-3 weeks or up to a month to give you the final piece depends on the size n selection, and how quickly you provide us with the details.

15. How long does the casting session take? 15-30 min or an hour. This will obviously vary depending on the co-operation and age of your child. New born babies generally take less time than older babies.

16. When do I pay? 50% is payable while booking casting session. The balance is due on the day mould is taken. All cards accepted and 3 easy EMI available. However, for cities other than Mumbai, 100% is collected at the time of booking the order.

17. What if I cancel after the mould has been taken? As the mould has been taken and the raw material has been used, the advance will not be refunded. And very few wish to cancel.

18. What if I am not based in Mumbai and still want to get it done? We have franchises (Pune, Delhi, & Ahmedabad) in the country & the artist Sonali Chauhan herself travels to these cities periodically & takes the impressions herself. In case you are from a city other than the ones that she travels to, all you need to do is get some more of your friends interested to book orders. The airfare & other logistical costs will be divided equally among the number of clients.

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