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1. What is a miniature jewelry? From exact 99 percent replica of baby's hand and foot we can capture mould which goes through scanning process using our special equipment and software, scaling it down to miniature size jewelry made out of precious metal like gold, silver, etc.

2. What is a 3D Miniature Jewellery? 3D Miniature Jewellery is an exact replica of hand and foot 3D impressions which are obtained through casting process.

3. What is a 2d Miniature Jewellery? 2D Miniature Jewellery is an exact replica of hand and foot 2D impressions which are obtained through casting process. It is normally printed on flat surfaces of jewellery.

4. How do we know the prices of yellow gold/white gold? Why don’t you give the exact rate right away? For us to know the exact price of gold order, we have to know the exact weight of baby's casts. Moreover, the amount of gold mount we need depends also on the market price rate of gold.

5. How long will be the process? After getting the hand and foot impression, the work is completed within 3 weeks of time.

6. Why does it take 3 weeks to be done? Jewelry making is complicated process, it requires time to go through stages such as plaster impression touch up, scanning, 3d printing, casting, engraving and polishing. Every single jewelry is prepared manually by our group of expert jewellers. From the moulding process of the impressions, scanning into software, printing it into miniature moulds, casting elements that you prefer, polishing, smoothing it into the best quality, and final touch of engraving details that you desire.

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