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Life is a beautiful journey. A journey that marks many significant milestones all through. But, as we live through this fast paced journey, life very scarcely gives us the opportunity to take a moment celebrate these significant milestones.

Welcome to Evercasting Dreamz.

The glorious world of ever casting these precious milestones, so that you can capture, celebrate and cherish these precious moments always and forever.

Incepted in the year 2014 , Evercasting Dreamz is a brainchild of Sonali Chauhan. An proficient homemaker and now an professional dream maker. She gracefully ditched her secured career in Psychology to envision a creative outfit that would fulfill dreams of millions.

Specializing in creating 3D Lifecasting sculptures, Evercasting Dreamz's bespoke impressions are a beautiful way to restore the precious moments all your life.

Sonali Chauhan had a keen interest in Lifecasting and soon after she gave birth to her little one, she decided to pursue her passion and eventually gave birth to her second baby, Evercasting Dreamz. Backed with extensive training in Lifecasting, acknowledged with the coveted Lifecasters International Certificate and thorough command over her craft, at Evercasting Dreams you can achieve exclusive 3D castings done for yourself, your kids or your loved ones' hands & feet. Are you a pet keeper? How about 3D casting of your pet's paws? And that's not it. If you are looking for a quirky range of offerings, Evercasting Dreamz Innovation Lab creates a unique range of bespoke solid silver and gold jewelry. And the mommies-to-be, we have a good news for you. Captivate your labour of love with the popular Baby Bump Belly casting relive the intimate moments forever.


Once you book the appointment, you can visit the Evercasting Dreamz Lab or invite our team to take the impression at the convenience of your home. The team then works meticulously to achieve great results using best quality products, delivering the masterpieces right at your doorstep across Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Gujarat.

And while your masterpiece is being created, the team delivers timely progress report by sharing pictures at every stage of the creation, allowing you to co-create the masterpiece. Perhaps, it's the eye for details and the hands down perfection for aesthetics, Dreamcasting Dreamz over the years have earned a genuine 5 Star rating on Facebook.


The impressions are casted using 'A' rated stone material which is highly durable. Then the impressions are sanded, followed with a drying process for a few weeks. The impressions are then painted and expertly waxed in the preferred color, mounted in the frame of your choice and safely hand delivered.


3D castings makes for a thoughtful and unique gift for multiple special occasions like Newborn ceremony, Christening, Mother’s day, Father’s day, commemorating the luminous life of Godparents and Grandparents.


Thanks a tons for investing your precious time to know us. If you would like to know more or book an appointment; call +91-9819607783 or drop a mail at sonali@ecdindia.in.

You are most welcome to visit us at Evercasting Dreamz Lab, Kandivali (Mumbai) or simply invite us for an appointment at the convenience of your home. We would love to see you and create a lasting impression.

Creating An Impression For Life.

About Evercasting Dreamz

We specialise in making 3d hand and feet casting keepsakes for the whole family. Our services range from 3d castings of you or your child's hands & feets, or even your pet's paws. We also hand make solid silver and gold jewellery. Another quirky service we offer is our BabyBump belly casting. All our work are unique pieces and they make an once in a lifetime bespoke keepsakes. You can choose to capture your baby's hands and feets to remember how small they were once or a beautiful hand holding cast, the possibilities are endless.

We work on every Lifecast as if it is our own and only use the highest quality products. We are passionate about supporting local businesses, so all our frames, paints and engravings are all sourced locally, supporting other small businesses like ours.

We offer a complete mobile Lifecasting service from the comfort of your own home covering all over Mumbai, Pune & Gujarat taking the hassle out of traveling for you, as a life casting company we know the less travel the better with young children and this makes it an enjoyable experience for all involved especially as children love being in there own environment where they feel safest . Once we have taken impressions we work on finishing your precious keepsakes.

We keep all our clients informed about every step of the progress and send pictures at every stage to make sure our clients love the finished sculpture as everyone's tastes are different so everything down to the final position of the casts when framing is chosen by our clients. This much attention to the details is why we have a 5 Star Genuine rating on Facebook.

The impressions are cast using a stone material that is very durable; they are then sanded after a drying process of a few weeks, hand painted & waxed in the colour of our client's choice, mounted in the frame as per choice and hand delivered to our clients by us.

3D castings are the perfect special unique gift for a newborn Baby, Christening, Mother's day, Father's day, Godparents and Grandparents gift, celebrating a new sibling birth.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about Mrs. Sonali Chauhan and Our business. We look forward to helping you Cherish Every Milestone.

Due to the nature of our work we require you to book an appointment for our services, this can be either an appointment for us to come to your home or you are more than welcome to make an appointment to come to our studio. We are not able to be at the studio every day so booking is essential.

Mrs. Sonali Chauhan

+91 98196 07783


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