About Life Casting
Photographs will always have its special charm...
But preserving our little ones and a family's hands and feet for lifetime is just an amazing feeling, so here at our Evercasting Dreamz studio we have opened a business offering alternative ways to create memories.
Evercasting Dreamz by SONALI CHAUHAN was born after mastering the art of creating three dimensional body casts after coming across with lots of practice and lots of creative ideas.
It all started off as a hobby, creating gifts for family and friends a few years ago. We had plenty of people to practice on, so that is how it all came about.
Bespoke casts of practically any body part producing beautiful life-like casts of babies' feet and hands, baby bumps, and every body part from newborns to any age.
Apart from these services:
We also offer invaluable life casted hand and foot casting jewellery in Gold and Silver in miniature sizes. We take the exact copies of those meticulous impressions and scale them down perfectly well to accessorise them as keychains, cufflinks, pendants, bracelet charms and rings. Along with such amazing products, we offer customised jewellery, which are unique and full of meaning.
And trust us, this is one of the most beautiful treasure that you can pass it on to another generation. And You will treasure it for the rest of your life.
We also make breastmilk jewellery produced from one's own breast milk, Isn't it something really interesting.
The birth of a child is indeed a significant event in every parent's life. It's amazing to see how fast our kids grow up, and as a parent we often feel its too soon.
Evercasting Dreamz artwork helps you capture these priceless fleeting moments in mesmerising 3D & 2D bespoke impressions.
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